Tax compliance

Global Settlement. Local Collection.

National and international tax law is complex, and it can change at any time. When you sell in many markets, the tax burden for your ecommerce sales could be different in every single country. We simplify tax calculation and remitting for our clients by correctly identifying and applying the correct tax rate for every single county, city, state, and nation where yourproducts are sold.

From VAT to GST in any jurisdiction, we’ll ensure tax compliance everywhere in the world. Plus, we’ll take on all liability for any tax errors, so you can be certain you’re never at risk for audits or unexpected fees.

Automating Ecommerce Tax Collection

Full Liability For All Fraudulent Transactions

Calculating International, National and Local Taxes

Automated Fraud Screening of Every Single Sale

Don’t Start From Square One With Ecommerce Taxes

Instead of overhauling your current tax collection system, we work with technologies you may already utilize to make tax calculation simple and straightforward. UMEC integratesperfectly with tax preparation and calculation tools like Avalara, TaxJar, and Kount. And by establishing residency in the countries you want to sell, we simplify taxes even more. International and national taxes are simpler when you designate UMEC as your official Merchant of Record.

More Than A Simple Tax Calculator

Simple online tax calculator can’t provide you expertise and explanations about all applicable ecommerce taxes. But hiring tax intermediaries in every different market isn’t possible or sustainable for most companies. UMEC offers the best of both worlds. Our vetted tools proactively research tax requirements anywhere your product is sold and apply the correct taxes to each individual transaction. Simply tell us where you’d like to expand your ecommerce sales and we’ll take care of the rest.

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