fraud prevention

The Goldilocks Approach To Fraud

Fraud prevention isn’t just about flagging suspicious transactions. It’s also about greenlighting genuine purchases. You want to prevent fraud while providing a quick and easy ecommerce experience for customers anywhere in the world.

 Many fraud prevention technologies incorrectly flag transactions with unusual or unique payment methods. Unfortunately, that penalizes global brands that are expanding into new territories.

An Elegant Solution

 Our product identifies fraud accurately, so that your customers can still choose the payment methods and currencies that work best for them. With our approach, you won’t be penalized for moving into new markets, and you won’t be stuck stuck sorting through “flagged” transactions that are perfectly legitimate.

It’s our Goldilocks approach to fraud. Not too many false flagged transactions. No missing cases of fraud falling through the cracks. Instead, we identify false transactions quickly and correctly. We think that’s just right.

To Fight Fraud At
The Source, We Offer:

Automating Ecommerce Tax Collection

Full Liability For All Fraudulent Transactions

Calculating International, National and Local Taxes

Automated Fraud Screening of Every Single Sale

We Stay Vigilant So You Can Be Confident

Be confident that every ecommerce transaction you process is fraud-free and protected. Let us prevent and manage chargebacks by screening every single order you process. Increase your rate of valid transactions and decrease the times you fall prey to fraudsters. In fact, stop worrying about how fraud might pop up in new territories. We take on all risk and liability for every single transaction. If we find fraud, we’ll handle it. It will only affect our bottom line, never yours.

Stop sifting through
transaction logs to find fraud.