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Expand rapidly into new markets with UMEC’s
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Let UMEC facilitate your payment processing,
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Merchant of Record Solutions




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Global Payments

Expand Rapidly into New Territories

Your ecommerce experience needs to work smoothly in every new market. That means accepting local payment methods and being able to handle all types of global currencies. We ensure your ecommerce solution will instantly adapt to all changes in international credit and debit card regulations. For every single transaction, you’ll be in full compliance with PCI and GDPR. We’ll also reconcile all cash collected and remit every single payment processing fee.

Fraud Management

Flag Suspicious Transactions and Avoid Chargebacks

Our realtime machine-learning technology finds and prevents fraud wherever and whenever it occurs. Serving as your official Merchant of Record, we take on the responsibility for any false transactions, protecting your brand and your bottom line.

Tax Compliance

Let UMEC Calculate, Collect and Remit
Taxes for You.

 Understanding the sales tax nuances of every market you sell into can be daunting. Let UMEC’s experts calculate, collect and remit all sales taxes on your behalf. We manage the entire process from end to end, taking full liability for all tax obligations and helping shield you from audits. Whether it’s VAT, GST, or other local sales taxes, we have you covered.

Reporting & Analytics

Clear, Actionable Data At Your Fingertips

Our customizable reports help you track payment methods, currency types, transaction volume over time, and even more. Get a fuller picture of your ecommerce sales so you can direct resources exactly where they’re needed.

Loyalty Programs

Reward Your Customers & Build Brand Integrity


Agile mobile and digital solutions to track + reward purchases


Grow rapport and trust with brand enthusiasts


Rewards programs built specifically for ecommerce transactions


Use robust data collection to target repeat visitors

Reward Fulfillment

Use High-Value Rewards to Incentivize Purchases

  • Offer incentives on every step of the customer journe
  • Flexible API integrates with many ecommerce platforms 
  • Personalize the reward experience
  • Increase brand equity by making buyers feel valued

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