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Customized Loyalty Solutions for Global Markets

Every brand interaction matters. UMEC’s loyalty programs help brands stay connected to their customers through compelling incentives. You’ll see increased sales, repeat website visits, and more satisfied brand enthusiasts. Keep your brand top-of-mind by implementing a system that rewards customers for every interaction.

Track & Engage Customers Through an Omnichannel Solution

In order to reward high-frequency buyers, you’ll need to track them at multiple touchpoints. Our adaptable API connects to your ecommerce platform to find customers where they are. Install an immediately deployable, responsive loyalty program that can start rewarding your customers today. We’ll build a program that incentivizes behavior with high-value rewards like travel, complimentary products, and promotional tie-ins. Keep your customers coming back again and again to engage with your brand.

  • Personalized, customer-centric solutions
  • Meaningful reward programs that offers and value along the customer journey
  • A powerful tool built to enhance the ecommerce buying experience
  • Greater understanding of buyer demographics and behaviors
  • In-depth data collection and analysis of buying patterns
  • A compelling catalyst to increase buyer engagement

Data-Driven Insights
to Spike Engagement

Our experienced team creates customized growth strategies to help you improve performance, increase profits, stimulate sales and solidify long-term relationships with customers.

We provide data-driven marketing and technology solutions to strengthen customer loyalty and build a profile of your ideal buyer’s preferences and purchasing patterns.

 Elevate your brand by using our multi-channel loyalty ecosystems to create meaningful connections and engagement with your customers.

Our Loyalty Program Values

Personalization, value and relevance. That’s what customers are looking for in a loyalty program. Our programs are designed to help you enhance each buyer’s experience with your brand. Generate more sales, encourage frequent interactions, build deeper connections and create greater customer satisfaction.

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