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Big Data for Big Decisions

In ecommerce sales, nothing is more important than data. Knowing where your customers are located,what payment method they’re using, how much they’re purchasing and even when they make those purchases is essential information. Together, this data gives a fuller picture of your sales funnel and allows you to direct resources and marketingwherever it is most needed. Of course, you can’t make these responsive decisions without accurate and timely analysis of every single ecommerce transaction you make. That’s where we come in.

  • Types and number of credit and debit cards used 
  • Types of currencies used
  • Total number of customers
  • Total number of purchases
  • Transaction volume and value over time
  • Scheduled payment information

Robust Reports for Rapid Responsiveness

Our customizable reporting tool lets you decide what data is most helpful to you and prioritizes that information. Need information on the most popular payment options? Done. Want the numbers on transaction volume over time, so you can track ebbs and flows? No problem. Every single key performance metric, all at the click of a button

Full Integration
with Third Party Analytics

If you have an analytics tool you already love, UMEC’s reporting dashboard can work in tandem with other data providers. By getting a fuller picture of your transactions, you’ll feel empowered to make decisions that benefit your brand. If you love tracking the granular details of your ecommerce sales, we’ll support you in understanding every facet of your sales in detail.

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