logistics & warehousing

Logistical Solutions That Grow With Your Brand

When ecommerce orders skyrocket, your brand must be able to fulfill the increased global demand for your product. UMEC helps you ship items quickly and correctly to help you build brand loyalty andencourage repeated purchases.

Over 100 Distribution Centers in 35 Countries

Efficient order fulfilment is dependent on the proximity of a distribution center. We offer distribution capabilities in 35 different countries. As you expand internationally, you can be certain that there will be no lag in order fulfillment for new territories. We’ll simply transfer new international orders to our nearest distribution center — and yourcustomers will receive products smoothly and predictably.

  • Determine your PCI Merchant Level, based on the number and type of transactions processed
  • Assess what credit card tokenization or profiling your payment processing system is utilizing
  • Review your cardholder data storage and your cardholder data flow
  • If you’re a level four merchant, we’ll check your SAQ for accuracy and alignment
  • Ensure you’re in full compliance with the most recent iterations of PCI-DSS and GDPR

One Solution. An Entire Suite of Tools.

With our carefully selected tools, UMEC works directly with most front-end CMS or ecommerce platforms. You canimmediately deploy these tools into any new territory where you’d like to expand. We’ll make sure you’re set up to accept local currencies and credit cards as soon as you’re ready to launch. We’ll also calculate the local tax burden and prepare your fulfillment integrations so you’re ready for your very first order… and your thousandth order. So your very first order in a new territory looksexactly like the thousands of orders you’ve filled inthe past.

Let UMEC handle warehousing,
product stocking, order fulfillment,
and even more.