About UMEC

A division of Meridian Enterprises, UMEC provides complete, outsourced
ecommerce solutions to global brands in a wide variety of industries. As a
Domestic and International Merchant of Record, our longstanding global
partnerships allow us to help brands establish a strong and seamless
presence throughout the world.


  • UMEC offers a full arsenal of services to help you quickly expand your ecommerce sales and connect with customers around the world.

  • Our solutions integrate with the leading ecommerce platforms, allowing you to focus on your customers and increasing sales while we take on your back-office headaches and liability.

  • With UMEC as your Merchant of Record, you’ll be fully equipped to accept multiple currencies and payment methods, expanding your global reach. UMEC will process and reconcile all transactions, take on accounting liability, manage fraud and ensure tax compliance in every single jurisdiction.

Our powerful process will:

  • Shield your brand from global regulatory risks
  • Ensure compliance with all national and international tax requirements
  • Prevent chargebacks by proactively fighting fraud
  • Simplify the ordering and fulfillment process
  • Create consistent customer experiences across all payment types and currencies
  • Negotiate the best payment processing rates on behalf of our customers.

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